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Bicep Workouts with Dumbbells: A Guide

Bicep workouts with dumbbells

Welcome to our guide on the best bicep workouts with dumbbells for people of all levels. If you're looking to build your arms from the gym or the comfort of your home, you're in the right place. Dumbbell workouts are great for boosting bicep strength as they are versatile and easy for everyone to try. 

Whether you're a novice or a seasoned fitness enthusiast, bicep workouts with dumbbells are adaptable. Beginners can start with lighter weights, mastering the form of basic dumbbell curls, as you progress, seamlessly transition to more challenging exercises or just add weight. In this blog we will delve into a variety of effective bicep workouts with dumbbells, providing insights into proper form, targeted muscle engagement and tips for maximising your results.

Top Bicep Workouts with Dumbbells

Dumbbell Curl:

  • Exercise: Dumbbell curls

  • How to: Stand with feet hip-width apart. Keep elbows close to your body while curling the dumbbells towards your shoulders. Lowering back to starting position with control at a slow pace.

  • Why: This exercise directly targets the biceps, contributing to that coveted peak.

Dumbbell bicep curls are a highly recommended exercise for effectively developing and strengthening the biceps brachii (muscles on front of the upper arm). This isolation exercise allows for targeted engagement of the biceps, contributing to a more defined and sculpted appearance.

Strengthening the biceps through elbow flexion not only improves the aesthetic appeal of the arms but also enhances arm functionality in daily activities, such as lifting and carrying. Bicep curls are time-efficient, easy to track for progress, and when performed with proper form, contribute to a well-rounded upper body workout routine.

Bicep workout with dumbbell

Hammer Curls:

  • Exercise: Hammer curls

  • How to: Hold dumbbells with palms facing your body and curl the weights towards your shoulders.

  • Why: This variation engages the brachialis muscle, contributing to overall arm development.

Hammer curls are recommended for overall arm development, targeting the brachialis, brachioradialis, and lateral biceps. This versatile exercise, performed with dumbbells in a neutral grip, enhances forearm strength and arm functionality in daily activities. 

Suitable for various fitness levels, hammer curls provide isolation and contribute to a balanced and aesthetically pleasing arm appearance. Maintaining proper form is essential to prevent injuries, and you should gradually increase weights to continue to grow strength and the muscles.

dumbbell bicep workout

Concentration Curls:

  • Exercise: Concentration curls

  • How to: Sit with legs spread, place the elbow against the inner thigh, and curl the dumbbell towards the shoulder.

  • Why: This isolation exercise is perfect for sculpting definition in your biceps.

Concentration curls are a valuable addition to arm workouts, emphasising isolation of the biceps. This exercise involves sitting on a bench and curling a dumbbell with one arm at a time, effectively targeting the biceps brachii. By isolating each arm, concentration curls contribute to symmetrical development and strength. 

This exercise is particularly beneficial for enhancing bicep definition and can be adaptable to various fitness levels, its focused nature makes it suitable for individuals seeking targeted bicep engagement.

dumbbell workouts

Adapting Bicep Workouts with Dumbbells for Your Level

At Infinity Performance, we believe in meeting you where you are on your fitness journey and taking you to new heights. Beginners can start with lighter weights, focusing on form, while intermediate and advanced individuals can gradually add resistance, intensifying the challenge for optimal muscle growth.

Why choose a Bicep workout with Dumbbells? They offer a full range of motion, engaging more muscle fibres and promoting balanced development. Their free movement activates stabilising muscles, enhancing overall functional strength. At Infinity Performance, our bicep workouts with dumbbells are tailored to your unique goals and levels, ensuring a targeted approach for getting the most from your workouts. Allowing us to plan your workouts will allow you to focus solely on training and you will know what to do and how to do it with the help of our Personal Training App.

Progressive Overload Made Simple

The key to building muscle lies in progressive overload, to apply progressive overload in dumbbell workouts you should gradually increase the weight, the number of sets and or  repetitions. Keep track of your progress and aim to consistently challenge your muscles to adapt. It's important to strike a balance between pushing yourself and avoiding overtraining.

workout with dumbbells

What Progressive Overload Can Do 

  • Stimulate Muscle Growth

  • Increases Strength

  • Promotes Consistent Improvement

  • Enhances Endurance

Tips For Growth

  1. Focus on Form

  2. Progressive Overload

  3. Be Consistent 

  4. Control the Movements

  5. Nutrition Matters

  6. Recovery Matters

Before you go…

Embrace the versatility of dumbbells, challenge yourself with various exercises, and witness the transformation of your biceps with the help from us at Infinity Performance. Begin your journey today, where every lift with dumbbells brings you closer to your strength goals. 

For 1-2-1 Personal Training or Online Coaching get in contact today to take your training to new levels with our help, we will take the stress off of your shoulders with personalised plans that aid your development every step of the way.


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