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Online coaching

online personal training
online personal trainer

how does online coaching work?

Infinity Performance online personal training includes fully bespoke plans to fit you, your lifestyle and your ability - no automation, no copy and paste jobs, no 'one-size-fits-all'.

Our online coaching clients are consistently educated about nutrition, training and all of the myths that surround the industry, which is why our clients are so consistent and successful in reaching their goals. You can take advantage of having an affordable option and the flexibility to choose your gym, your workout times and schedule all without compromising on the quality of your session and still achieving the prospect of reaching your fitness goals.

online personal trainer

Take your training with you, wherever you are...

Gain access to our fitness hub when you sign up to online coaching, whether on your tablet, laptop or phone. Here, you can store progress pictures, measurements, sync your food diary up from MyFitnessPal and much more.

personal training app
online personal training

Step 1

Book a free consultation

online personal training UK

Step 2

Talk with us over Zoom, find out how online personal trainers work, price marks and get your questions answered.

Step 3

online personal trainer

Welcome to the Infinity Performance team!

free personal training liverpool

Local to Liverpool?

If you're within the UK and are local to Liverpool, did you know that you're eligible to have a FREE 1-2-1 PT session in the gym every month? This is included in your online personal training package and is a great opportunity for us to see how you're progressing, and for you to ask any questions about your programme.

why CHOOSE online fitness coaching at infinity performance?

Find out if you're local to Liverpool for your free PT session every month with an online coaching package...

get in touch today!

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