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PCOS personal trainer

PCOS Personal training

pcos Coaching

PCOS is a struggle shared by as many as 1 in 10 women, but the recognition of how difficult it is to manage alone is not spoken about near enough, which is why we are passionate about PCOS coaching here at Infinity Performance.

All too often, personal trainers approach women with PCOS with the same tactics that they would to a woman without; but this is not the case here.

PCOS nutritionist

Women who train with Infinity Performance have seen what their body is truly capable of. If you have PCOS, a personal trainer at Infinity Performance will learn more about your PCOS type and create a plan that is dedicated to your needs. 

No woman with PCOS is the same, and so, your training plan wont be either. A good PCOS fitness trainer will closely monitor you progress and do what works for you

Take a look below at a testimonial from one of many of our clients that made huge progress, even when suffering from the daily symptoms PCOS presents.

pcos coaching testimonial

"I did it without feeling restricted, I can't believe the difference"

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"Having PCOS, I found out that I had high levels of testosterone, like many other women with PCOS I really struggled with midsection fat. I'd see other girls like me eat more, move less and still i couldn't look like them. Eventually, it gets you down and I knew I needed someone to help me out, thats when I found Chris from Infinity Performance. 

It was so refreshing to see a personal trainer even mention PCOS, as so many women are misunderstood in how limiting it can be. Don't get me wrong I worked hard, but it was, and still is, so enjoyable, I did it without feeling restricted, I can't believe the difference. 

I am now 8lbs down and feeling stronger than ever but, aside from the aesthetics of it all my body feels completely different. After having sporadic periods my whole life, once I started training with Chris though, I soon found that my periods became the most regular they've ever been.

I can't recommend Chris enough,  I am always pursuing new goals and I couldn't have achieved this alone." 

PCOS Coaching for your cycle

According to the NHS, "The length of the menstrual cycle varies from woman to woman, but the average is to have periods every 28 days. Regular cycles that are longer or shorter than this, from 23 to 35 days, are normal.

Why is it important to keep this in mind? Well, while somebody may 'look' like what you may call healthy, you can't always physically see transformations, and this is particularly true for those who suffer from PCOS.


For example, you can see below how one of our clients with PCOS improved their cycle from the 'abnormal' range to the 'normal' range after our help and their commitme. 



pcos personal training

PCOS Nutrition coaching

PCOS coaching doesn't stop at exercise alone, in fact a good PCOS health coach will take the holistic picture and begin to get to know your habits when it comes to food, exercise, job and general lifestyle. 

personal trainer for PCOS

While exercise is one branch of PCOS fitness management, nutrition is another that is just as important. 

With a PCOS fitness trainer at Infinity Performance, you can accompany your tailored workouts with the right nutritional guidance to help you get the most from your plan.

It can be frustrating when you feel like you're doing everything and not seeing the results you deserve, but we can help you get there and keep that motivation up.

To find out more about a personal trainer for pcos, enquire below

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