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Personal trainer Birmingham

Online Coaching in birmingham

How can you get started with a personal trainer in Birmingham?

The first step is to book in a consultation at Infinity Performance, even though we don't currently have trainers nearby, we can still provide our remote services.

We have our online fitness coaching that is consistently popular all around the world, so Birmingham is no stretch! You will still receive the commitment and attention that all of our clients do, except you don't have to change gyms or move around - in fact, we'll tailor all your workout programmes to your envirnoment.

What does the online coaching consultation consist of?

We will book you in for a call, this will help us come to terms with a plan that will suit you. 

The good news is, you can onboard onto our online coaching team right away and we begin the process of programming the next 4 weeks ahead. 

What happens after the initial 4 weeks?

Your first 4 week plan will be tailored to suit everything you've told us thus far, but after 4 weeks, we are able to see your strengths, likes and dislikes and we can then begin to change your programme.

This change up of programme is typical for our clients every 4 weeks. This not only ensures that you're not getting used to the same workout for too long, but it helps to make the path to reaching your goals much more streamline. 

powerlifting personal trainer

Welcome to the online coaching team

You're now part of the Infinity Performance team...

Once you've onboarded, you'll have access to the all-in-one Infinity Performance online coaching app. This is where you'll be able to find your training programmes, upload progress pictures, weights, measurements, keep in touch through a trainer - client chat box and so much more. 

Personal Training Birmingham

Infinity Performance is the perfect choice for anybody with serious goals, we can help you get there. 

We have clients from all walks of life, from people looking to manage their PCOS symptoms, to those who have never lifted a weight, anybody and everybody is welcome at Infinity Performance. 

We help people find their capabilities, so if you're searching for an online coach in Birmingham that is going to push you to be the best version of yourself look no further than Infinity Performance.

To find out more about how we can become the perfect trainer that you can carry in your pocket, get in touch and book a free consultation below.

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