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personal trainer london

online personal training in london


At Infinity Performance, we have online coaching to offer to those who reside in London.

If you want to get set up with an online personal trainer in London, get in touch to organise a consultation at Infinity Performance.



During your consultation, we will talk about your goals, any health issues and everything that you can expect from online fitness coaching at Infinity Performance

Once you are happy with the plan of action, we will go ahead and set you up with the all-in-one I.P app where you can find all of your scheduled workouts and contacts.



Become a part of the Infinity Performance team and check in every week, getting bespoke check in video assessments once a week to track your progress, find your new work out programmes and much more.

Online Coaching London

Online personal training in London when you're a part of the Infinity Performance team is the perfect balance between self-motivation, and having a team to give you the extra push when you need it, making it a hugely popular option. 

You will be in consistent contact with your online coach, and you can take advantage of the accountability that comes along with having a coach in your pocket. You can take out all the guess work, planning and confusion you may have about designing you own programmes, and leave that to our experienced trainers here at Infinity Performance who will tailor make each programme to you.

Let's talk today and book a FREE consultation to find out how you can join the team and get on the road to a happy and healthier you.

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