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Best Leg Exercises to Grow Muscle: A guide

best leg exercises

Ready to unleash the power of your legs and discover the best leg exercises with the help of Infinity Performance? We've got the lowdown on the top exercises that'll not only sculpt your legs but also supercharge your health and fitness levels. Let's dive into the goodness of leg day, featuring the best leg exercises for the ultimate results!

Leg day is a crucial pillar in a comprehensive gym routine, providing benefits beyond aesthetics. Targeting muscle groups like quads, hamstrings and glutes, not only builds leg muscles but also triggers growth hormones. Strong legs translate to improved balance and functional fitness, making leg day a standout performer. Prioritise leg day for a balanced physique, overall strength and to optimise your health with the help of our best leg exercises below.


  • Why Squats Are one of the Best Leg Exercises: These bad boys work wonders on your quads, hamstrings, and glutes, with a bonus core engagement for stability.

  • How to Squat correctly, the Best Exercise for Legs: Feet shoulder-width apart, drop it low by bending your knees and hips, then a controlled pop back up. Easy peasy!

Squats target important muscle groups like quads and glutes, making muscles grow and releasing growth hormones. But wait, there's more! Squats also help with flexibility, strengthen your bones and give you functional strength. In short, squats are a total package for building muscles and keeping you in tip-top shape.

best exercises for legs


  • Why Deadlifts Are One of the Best Exercises for Legs: Hamstrings, glutes, and lower back – deadlifts hit them all, promoting functional strength and a muscle-popping physique.

  • How to deadlift, the Best Leg Exercise: Hip hinge, grab that barbell, lift with a straight back. Control your movement keeping your back straight to avoid injury and you've got it.

Deadlifts work wonders on key areas like your hamstrings, glutes, and lower back, making your muscles grow from releasing growth hormones. But that's not all, deadlifts also improve your posture, define muscles and turn you into a powerhouse for everyday activities. In a nutshell, deadlifts are a go to exercise for building muscle. 

best exercises for skinny legs


  • Are Lunges the Best Leg Exercise?: Targeting each leg individually, lunges correct imbalances, tone quads, hamstrings and glutes, while giving your balance a boost.

  • How to Lunge: Step forward, drop your hips low towards the ground and return to the top in a controlled motion to ensure stability. Your legs will feel the burn and your flexibility can improve with this motion.

Lunges stand out as effective exercises for both muscle-building and overall well-being. By targeting each leg individually, they address muscle imbalances while toning key areas such as the quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Beyond aesthetic benefits, lunges significantly improve balance and stability, contributing to an all in one muscle building movement. 

best exercises for cellulite

Leg Press

  • Is the Leg Press one of the Best Exercises for Legs?: Quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes are what the leg press helps you target, the leg press machine lets you lift heavy without the back strain.

  • How to Press Like a Pro, the Best Leg Exercise: Sit, set those feet, and press that platform away. Controlled power, baby!

What is the best exercise machine for legs? The leg press takes centre stage as a highly effective exercise for muscle development. Specifically targeting the quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes, this exercise allows for lifting heavy weights with reduced strain on the lower back. The controlled power of leg presses contributes to significant gains in muscle mass and overall leg strength. Beyond its muscle-building prowess, leg presses offer a valuable contribution to lower back health, making it a well-rounded choice for those aiming to achieve both aesthetic and functional fitness goals. 

best dumbbell exercises for legs

Calf Raises

  • What’s Cool About Calf Raises: They hone in on your calves, giving you killer definition in the lower legs.

  • Calf Raising 101, the Best Exercise for Legs: Rise up on those toes, then back down. Simple, yet effective but ensure you are in control of the movement and add weights to increase the strain on the muscle to help you build bigger and bigger overtime.

Focusing on the calf muscles, these exercises contribute to the definition and strength of the lower legs. The simplicity of the movement belies its effectiveness in promoting ankle stability and sculpting the calves. Strong calves not only enhance sports performance but also provide aesthetic appeal, making calf raises a versatile addition to any fitness regimen. 

leg day routine

Tips that Complement the Best Leg Exercises

  • Progressive Overload

  • Variety in Exercises

  • Proper Form

  • High Intensity Training

  • Rest & Recovery

  • Focus on Diet 

Building muscle is a dynamic process with key principles. Progressive overload involves gradual resistance increase, promoting growth. Variety in exercises ensures comprehensive muscle development, targeting different angles and groups. Proper form maximises muscle engagement and reduces injury risk. High-intensity training accelerates muscle growth and endurance.

Adequate rest and recovery are vital for muscle repair and growth. A balanced diet, rich in protein, fuels muscle development. These tips create a holistic and efficient approach to building muscle for optimal fitness results so be sure to incorporate these key principles into your daily life to help you improve your training as just working out won't be enough to continuously develop.

Before you go…

There you have it, leg day legends! Incorporate these Infinity Performance approved best leg exercises into your routine, nail that proper form and watch your legs become the envy of the gym. It's not just about muscle; it's about crafting a healthier, more powerful you.

Get in contact today for guidance on your leg day and everyday going forward, with personalised guidance our team will help you hit new heights and get in the best shape possible. Whether you are looking for 1-2-1 personal training, online coaching, powerlifting coaching or nutrition guidance we've got you covered at Infinity Performance, join the fast growing team now.


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