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personal trainer Wirral

If you're looking for a personal trainer on the Wirral, we are here to help with our local in-house services and online personal training options.

Our recommendation is to opt for an online personal training package, with this, you're able to take advantage of full access to our Infinity Performance app and still receive an in-house 1-2-1 personal training session once a month in Liverpool.

Having an online personal trainer is the perfect way to keep flexibility in your routine, while still taking the guess work out of creating a workout programme and having a professional do the hard work for you. Finding a personal trainer that fits in your schedule has never been easier with the help of Infinity Performance, so get in touch to find out how we can help.

What to expect from personal training, Wirral





What personal training is available on the wirral?

No matter whether you choose in-house or online personal training on the Wirral, we can still accommodate any kind of training you wish. 

Our most popular forms of training include:

Book your free consultation today to find out how we can help you to reach your fitness goals, no matter how big or small.

What's the process of getting a personal trainer on the wirral?


At Infinity Performance, we operate from either Liverpool or online for those who want a fitness coach and reside on the Wirral.


Whether you work in Liverpool and want a personal trainer in-house, or an online coach so you can have the freedom to train anywhere, get in touch to organise a consultation at Infinity Performance.


During your consultation, we will talk about your goals, any health issues and everything that you can expect from either your sessions in the gym, or online fitness coaching at Infinity Performance


Once you are happy with the plan of action, we will go ahead and set you up with the all-in-one I.P app where you can find all of your scheduled workouts and contacts.


Become a part of the Infinity Performance team and check in every week, getting bespoke check in video assessments once a week to track your progress, find your new work out programmes and much more.

Personal Training & Online Coaching Wirral

Getting a personal trainer on the Wirral, or hiring an online coach, is one of the best steps to taking the first step to bettering yourself. At Infinity Performance, we have all the tools to help you find your true potential.

We have trained clients with varying goals, from people who have begun with a goal to lose weight and have gone on to compete in powerlifting competitions, and those who even want to manage their PCOS symptoms and re-gain control. We want to hear about you and your goals and show you how you can get there with our help and guidance.

Let's talk today and book a FREE consultation to find out how you can join the ever growing team here at Infinity Performance UK.

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