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When to Hire a Powerlifting Coach

A powerlifting coach, simply put, is a professional who has the ability to guide you to winning a powerlifting competition, but when should you think about hiring one?

Understandably, there is some trepidation that comes with stepping on a platform, which is why everyone who you see will have a personal powerlifting coach that has got them to that point.

The common misconception is that you need to be competition ready, super fit and know the ins and outs to compete before you get a powerlifting coach, but this isn't the case. 

You can begin your journey to powerlifting no matter the stage of fitness your at. Ultimately, some journeys may be longer than others, but if it is a goal you have, there is no reason you can't reach it with us here at Infinity Performance.

What happens Before a Powerlifting Meet?

Find a powerlifting competition

powerlifting coach liverpool

The first step once you have hired a powerlifting coach is to commit by registering for a powerlifting meet. A great place to find some in the UK is the British Powerlifting website.

Here you can see entry fees, locations and descriptions of upcoming meets. Other than that, you can always look for local meets "near you" by a quick Google search. No matter the way you find the meet, the important thing is taking action and registering so that you have accountability set in stone.

powerlifting coaching

Train with your Powerlifting coach

So you know you want to compete and you've done the hard part by hiring your coach and committing to a meet. Next, it is time to train. Your powerlifting coach at Infinity Performance will guide you along the way so don't feel too anxious, nonetheless there is nothing wrong with some nerves. 

It's tough, but with the motivation from your personal trainer you'll have the tools to stay consistent and compete in a powerlifting competition.

powerlifting trainer

Pack or purchase your powerlifting accessories

When you decide that you're going to commit and compete, your powerlifting coach will let you in on the kind of equipment and accessories you need. 

So, what do you need to take to a powerlifting competition? See our checklist below to ensure you're packed and ready to go!

coach for powerlifting

Ensure you're eating a powerlifters diet

Powerlifting is an incredibly demanding sport, it requires you to pay attention to more than just the weights; something that can't go overlooked is the diet that you need to commit to. 

It requires concentration on macro nutrients, tracking and frankly, a lot of effort. That being said, it is important that you have a trainer who is also a nutrition coach and has the potential to guide you on what kind of food you're eating that will compliment your training for optimal results.

In-house powerlifting coach in Liverpool

We have clients that have come to Infinity Performance with zero experience, and yet, still have achieved huge things in the powerlifting community. Take Lisa for example, she had a goal to lose some weight, fast forward to just over a year and she has just qualified for the British Championships for female powerlifting. 

There is no reason why you can't be this person too. Nobody woke up and instantly became a powerlifter, we all start from nothing and by showing up everyday and having a coach by your side, you have the potential to reach goals that may have seemed so far away before.

If you're local to Liverpool, you can join the ever growing team of powerlifters at Infinity Performance who are getting stronger and more successful every day. If you're ready to make this dream a reality, enquire today about in-house powerlifting coaching. 

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online powerlifting coach

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We understand that life can get busy, which is why you need the best online powerlifting coach you can find that can provide you with the help and guidance you need to achieve your goals no matter where you are.

The good news is, here at Infinity Performance, Chris Ward is our powerlifting champ, nutrition coach, and highly experienced personal trainer in-house and online. 

While some clients prefer to be 1-2-1 in the gym, we understand that you shouldn't ever need to compromise on your powerlifting goals simply because you have a schedule that requires you to move around so, - go online!

With our online powerlifting coaching, you're able to find all you need within our I.P app. Plus, you will have weekly contact with your trainer to ensure you're on track, enjoying your programme and are being coached to success.

Not to mention the contact stream on the app, any achievements you want to share? We want to hear them! You'll always have a coach in your pocket, especially when it's competition time.

Enquire now about 1-2-1 Powerlifting coaching

So, what's next? Take the dive and start your journey to becoming a powerlifter. 

Our coaching methods speak for themselves, with our nutritional guidance, educational and expertise in personal training and powerlifting you'll be more than ready to take the platform.

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