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personal training app

The all in one infinity performance app fuelled by Trainerize

how does the app work?

personal trainer app

Whether you want an online personal trainer, or you're one of our 1-2-1 personal training clients here in Liverpool, the all in one Infinity Performance app is going to be a fitness hub where we communicate, track and plan your fitness journey. 

See below some of the useful integrations that come with the app to make tracking your progress easier than ever...


trainerize app integrations


In the app, you'll find an easy to navigate fitness hub that has a huge array of features that make everything about training and tracking easy. 

Being on a fitness journey requires some level of tracking to see how far you've come. Whether you want to track your weight, or the weights you're lifting or even your body fat everything is possible in the app. 

This is just a snippet of features that you can expect to use:

  • Measurement tracking for body weight, body fat composition and more.

  • Calorie and macro tracking integrated with MyFitnessPal

  • Chat box with your trainer

  • Achievements log

  • Workout diary with live tracker to track BPM, weights lifted and workout duration

  • Goals log

  • Progress picture log

  • Resting heart rate 

  • Calender

  • Steps log

  • Bloog pressure and calorie log

  • Sleep log

online PT app


Online pt app

Hey coach! I'm struggling with this movement, could we find a substitute that works better for me please?

Ask for help,  guidance or just share your successes all in one streamline conversation...

Sure! I've scheduled in a new exercise and be sure to watch the exercise video on there too. See you in our next session and we can go over it together. 

Ready to join the team?

If you're ready to join our ever growing team of clients who train with us all over the world, waste no time in getting in touch today to book your free consultation. 

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