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What is the best way to grow your triceps?

Updated: May 29, 2023

best way to grow the triceps

For decades now, the dream for most people who lift is to get jaw-dropping guns, so what is the best way to grow the triceps?

The triceps are the real strength builders for most, especially those who want to develop more pushing power. Find out all you need to know here, and don’t forget, if you need some help to enquire today about online coaching here at Infinity Performance.

What's The Best Exercise for Tricep Growth?

A recent study compared hypertrophy between the long head of the tricep and the short head in the context of movements in the gym, such as tricep pushdown and tricep overhead extension.

The study in question was 21 young-healthy adults, ranging in height from 1.6-1.8m.

The subjects had not been involved in any type of systematic resistance training programme in the past 12 months.

They conducted 12-week unilateral elbow extension training with one arm in the overhead position (Overhead-Arm) and the other in the neutral position (Neutral-Arm).

All participants attended three measurement sessions; two sessions before the training period (Pre 1 and Pre 2) separated by 2−7 days and one session after the training period (Post) 2−4 days after the final training session.

Each measurement session involved MRI scans and one-repetition maximum (1RM) measurements. Participants were instructed to avoid any intensive and unfamiliar physical activities for the arms within two days before Pre 1 and throughout the experimental period.

They concluded that elbow extension training performed in the overhead vs neutral position produced more significant hypertrophy in the biarticular triceps brachii as expected, which appears to be at least partly attributable to the between-condition difference in its muscle length during exercise.

how to work the triceps

With your training programme in mind, incorporate more overhead elements for the tricep to achieve maximal growth and strength.

Combine that with more pressing, and you'll see a significant increase in your bench pressing and/or shoulder pressing power.

tricep extension

Try this movement, for example, with the image above. This movement is a tricep overhead pulley extension.

The recommended reps and sets this are 3 x 10-15 reps with a slow tempo (3:1:1)

If you need help with designing a programme that enhances your performance in the gym and gets you the muscle-building results you need, then get in touch today!


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